Concrete placing boom to extend limitations pouring concrete       

Concrete placing machine pouring concrete to extend limitations and improve the level of mechanization and open Pumping development of new products. 360 degree frame fabric structure, the whole operation manual full swing arm, loose change. electric cement mixer in concrete mixing machine Proper height of the tower is just an easy pulling the rope, you can arbitrarily change the orientation of the fabric, it can be fixed in the elevator shaft, equipped with automatic climbing mechanism, the use of hydraulic lifting, automatic climb in elevator shaft, the fabric machine along floors liter high rises, time-saving, high efficiency concrete walks pump equipment, pump coupled with concrete walks, extending the concrete pumping limitations. Effective disposal of the wall pouring fabric problems, to improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity and carry forward the primary outcome. Concrete placing machine with energy, efficiency, economy, combined with other characteristics

The practical application of fabric machine

The practical application of the manual fabric machine fabric machine concrete pump auxiliary equipment via standard delivery pipe and concrete pump connection, effectively solve the problem of the site of the wall cast cloth, to reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, It played a very important role in manually placing boom is concrete pump auxiliary equipment, which is connected via a standard pump delivery pipe and concrete, js1500 twin shaft concrete mixer for sale effective solution to the problem of on-site wall cast cloth, to reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, played a very important role. The fabric machine design is reasonable, double channel of the junction arm, structural stability can be *, rotating light and flexible. A 360 ° forward and backward rotation, the radius of gyration can be adjusted, the proper height of the tower, just easily pull the rope, you can arbitrarily change the fabric side who, it can be an efficient *, economical and practical characteristics. The concrete use of pressure along the pipeline continuous conveyor machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Press structure is divided into piston, squeeze, pressure diaphragm. Pump mounted on the vehicle chassis, and then boom equipped with retractable or inflection, it is composed of pump.

Spreader procedures

Bottom rod cloth machine should be placed 4 tons load design, and will be backed by a solid, flat. Its feet must be the ultimate focus point four support legs. Fabric machine must erection dedicated platform, the platform must be on each side puts up more than 30cm above boom stabilized mount and the strong reinforcement fabric machine stable stand, boom surrounded by wire rope must diagonal tension. Cloth standard 1.5T counterweight machine must not be used as a counterweight sand or earth-moving, the weight lifting and placing machine separately, fabric machine in place to be fixed later, and then use lifting weights in place. Fabric machine demolition counterweight, as in the case of the process of pouring concrete pipe blockage occurs, the boom-arm measures must be taken to support the top, and with a rope taut before the Master after crane dredge pump tube during use. By placing machine stabilizer brackets are not free to shorten china famous brand electric concrete mixer or remove the bottom of the boom can not pad rigid material. When the pumping operation, cloth rope bi-directional control lever must be back by the end of the first stage of the rotation, to prevent plugging at the end of the cloth machine rotation wounding themselves. When the fabric Operating found levels turn their backs when the rotation is not flexible, should adjust, people are not allowed to implement pull. The length of the four outriggers rollover limit is moment by the machine design, not allowed to freely support legs shorten the focal point of the distance, when used, to prevent the fabric machine tipping wounding. The second stage rotary spreader length associated with the machine concrete mixer truck weight with best overturning moment. The end can only install a bend and a hose during operation. Free to lengthen second stage rotary tube, it will hurt the whole self-tipping Fabric machine cleaning and maintenance shall be carried upstairs, downstairs to a safe place to be hanging onto after maintenance and cleaning. Concrete pouring is completed, the tubing must be dismantled arm below the elbow, and the reinforcement fabric machine, after the firm and then determine the weight hanging down, then hang fabric machine to a safe location down storage. Every hit concrete placing booms must be security checks foreman fabric machine when required, to confirm compliance notice after security, mechanical department inspection, the inspection can be carried out after acceptance pouring concrete. Fabric machine during use, such as abnormal, dangerous situations, must stop immediately and report to the project construction foreman, safety, mechanical department can not continue illegal operations.

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