Yesss. xD Thats the website the blue and white vulpix Pepper is on, if you scroll down the sidebar you should be able to see her. uvu 

I havent been able to update the coding for Abyssil or my eggs, pokefarm moved URLs and their coding doesnt seem to be working anymore. D: I might be able to rig something up for Abyssil, considering hes on level 100, so nothing really needs to change on the images- I might just be able to have an image link to his page or something. ewe

Its supposed to rain tonight, and I heard a little bit of it earlier. 030 Im kinda hoping theyll cancel school tomorrow, because Melissa doesnt have school and I just dont feel like going anywhere, aha. xD //shot

Anyway, its after ten and I want to read a little before I go to bed, so I think Im going to get off for tonight. ^^

Good night guys! X3